1st March 2021

The Submission Window Is Closed


Crimeucopia is intended to be a quarterly anthology style ‘magazine’ – with the first 2 issues (March – May and June – August) being themed, the 3rd (September – November) being a free-for-all large issue, and the 4th (December) themed, but not a Christmas Themed issue. Let’s face it, no one wants to see Santa with a .38 calibre hole between his eyes – and again, no, Zombie Santas are also off the menu. Seriously, as Detective Mike Shepherd says in Brokenwood, “It’s not the real Santa. It’s just a man in a Santa suit.”


Submission window - rolling/open, though for those who prefer deadlines:-


April 2nd to May 31st

July 1st to August 31st

October 1st to November 30th


Multiple submissions are acceptable (within reason) - simultaneous submissions less so - we would appreciate you informing us when submitting


Submissions are via email attachments to [email protected] with a subject line of SUBMISSIONS_Crimeucopia_<Your Name>_<Story Title>


Publishing will be through IngramSpark (both paper and ebook) as they have a much wider distribution – though Amazon will be used to cover that side of the Internet based distributors.


Intended format is  standard UK Paperback (129mm x 198mm) US B-Format, with a gloss cover, and around 240 pages.


Intended themes – always open to interpretation – include:-


The Cosy Nostra

This is hoped to be an all-Cosies edition. Are the days of hat-pin stabbings behind us? Has the Country House revealed all its sins? You tell us!


As In Funny Ha-Ha, Or Just Peculiar

Those pieces of fiction that make you go WTF?


You, Me, and the Body Makes Three

 Is it fresh, or has it been around for some time? Perhaps it’s yet to happen?  Or has someone else left it as a gift in your Recycling bin?


Grime Time

Severed heads blocking drains (no Taggart “There’s been a mudder!” impressions, please) – or an item discovered in an attic trunk – something found while skip diving – or not found, as the case may be.


Free-For-All Issues (Numbers 3, 7, 11 etc)

 Ideally a ‘large-sized’ issue that would allow for anything and everything under the sun (apologies to Mrs Christie there). A chance to take any subject and have a go. Also designed to showcase new and/or unpublished writers




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